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Press Release: 12/12/2003
Flipside Media, Inc.
Announces Pilot Program for
TEACH:diabetes- a Self Management Education Platform.
Pittsburgh, PA - September 29, 2003
Flipside Media, Inc.
announced the launch of a pilot program for its TEACH:diabetes computer assisted learning kiosk. TEACH:diabetes assists diabetes education programs in providing individualized Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME) to patients in a structured learning environment. Flipside Media began accepting applications today, and the pilot program will begin on October 1, 2003.

The TEACH:diabetes pilot program will allow health organizations to provide patients with the full benefits of diabetes computer- assisted learning at a significantly discounted cost, and without any long- term commitments. Patients utilizing TEACH:diabetes will receive a robust and comprehensive introduction to DSME based on up to date American Diabetes Association guidelines. Health organizations with DSME programs will have full access to the educational and administrative features the TEACH:diabetes interactive learning environment provides.

"We are very excited about introducing the TEACH:diabetes Computer Assisted Learning system. We are confident that once adopted, this tool can strengthen any existing Diabetes Self Management Education program as well as assist in the implementation of DSME programs in venues where none currently exist."
                                                          -Gene Ginzburg,
                                               company Vice President &
                                                     Director of Production

TEACH:diabetes is a computer assisted learning platform designed to provide DSME in a clinical setting. The TEACH software delivers educational content to patients in the form of full-screen videos and interactive exercises via a portable, touch-screen kiosk. This platform also allows for user account creation, educational tracking, and user reporting. The pilot program makes TEACH:diabetes available for use in all hospitals, corporations, nursing homes, and other facilities where diabetes education is desired. As a result of the Pilot Program, feedback will help Flipside Media improve future versions of the product and better address the needs of today's educators.
About Flipside Media Inc.
Flipside Media is a Pittsburgh-based company that combines proven ideas with emerging computer and Internet technologies to create innovative interactive products for the healthcare, education and corporate markets. Formed in 1998, Flipside Media consists of five full-time employees and a network of leading consultants and freelance professionals.

Any organizations interested in pilot program enrollment are urged to contact Flipside Media, Inc. For more information visit the TEACH:diabetes website (www.teachdiabetes.com) or call (412)-492-9448.