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Diabetes Education
TEACH diabetes - Effectively Implement and Manage Your Diabetes Education Program
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Homepage of Teach Diabetes
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Flipside Media, Inc. - (800)982-0473 - (412)492-9448 - Fax: (412)492-8750
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Subscription Plan
TEACH:diabetes digital video training screen
The TEACH:diabetes system is sold on a flexible subscription basis. Through this subscription, you'll be assured that your investment will grow with the changing state of diabetes knowledge, new government standards and regulations, and computer assisted learning technology.
Subscribers will benefit from:
  • Up to date reporting to meet current government regulations.
  • Regularly scheduled updates to the content to reflect the current state of diabetes knowledge.
  • Periodic hardware updates.
  • On-going Technical Support.
All for one fixed monthly fee. Please contact us at 1-800-982-0473 to speak to a product representative about how TEACH:diabetes can assist you in creating a new or enhancing an existing diabetes education program.