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Press Release:
Flipside Media, Inc. begins campaign
to provide TEACH:diabetes to
underserved communities.
Pittsburgh, PA- September 24, 2003
Flipside Media, Inc.
announced a campaign focused on providing TEACH:diabetes to communities where diabetes affects a large percentage of the population, but limited resources hinder educational efforts. Demonstrated at the 2003 National Urban League Conference, TEACH:diabetes will be used as a means to provide diabetes self management education in a cost effective non clinical setting. Initially targeting urban communities, the campaign is set to launch in October 2003.

TEACH:diabetes was showcased at the 2003 National Urban League conference in a shared effort to support community awareness for diabetes. TEACH:diabetes was presented as the first Diabetes Self Management kiosk to be used in non-clinical urban settings such as businesses, churches, and community centers. The focus of the TEACH:diabetes campaign is to increase the availability of Diabetes Self Management Education through increased visibility and reach.

"A major goal of FSM is to provide cost efficient ways of enhancing the health status of communities at risk. TEACH:diabetes can exist in these areas with minimal resource requirements."

Scheduled for launch in October 2003, TEACH:diabetes will be available for businesses, churches, and community organizations to install for members of the community to be provided with Diabetes Self Management Education. As a low cost, but affective tool for the community, the product will also track progress over time, and will provide information to students as lessons are completed.

TEACH:diabetes is a computer assisted learning platform designed to provide diabetes self-management education. The TEACH software delivers educational content to students in the form of full-screen videos and interactive exercises via a portable, touch-screen kiosk. This platform also allows for user account creation, educational tracking, and user reporting. Working in conjunction with Ohio Valley General Hospital's American Diabetes Association-certified education program, Flipside developed the diabetes content for TEACH. TEACH:diabetes is available as a product for use in hospitals, corporations, nursing homes, and other facilities where diabetes education is desired.
About Flipside Media Inc.
Flipside Media is a Pittsburgh-based company that combines proven ideas with emerging computer and Internet technologies to create innovative interactive products for the healthcare, education and corporate markets. Formed in 1998, Flipside Media consists of five full-time employees and a network of leading consultants and freelance professionals.

Any organizations interested in pilot program enrollment are urged to contact Flipside Media, Inc. For more information visit the TEACH:diabetes website (www.teachdiabetes.com) or call (412)-492-9448.